Visual Motor Rehabilitation

Concussions or mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) can cause visual and perceptual deficiencies that make daily tasks more challenging, frustrating, or overwhelming. Our visual motor exam assesses and provides our physiotherapy clincal team with a sense of how a patient’s eyes are functioning, and any deficiencies that need to be addressed. With this information, our team can make recommendations on visual rehabilitation that help our patients with restoring functional ability and improving their quality of life.

Common visual symptoms associated with brain injury include: headaches, blurred vision, unstable vision, intermittent double vision, light sensitivity, loss of place or skipping lines when reading, difficulty shifting to the next line of text when reading, difficulties concentrating or focusing, sensation of visual motion, reduced reading speed, visual memory loss, difficulty tracking, becoming overwhelming with a visually cluttered environment, and fatigue with extended near work.

The Back In Action Physiotherapy clinical team are experienced and happy to help you address any components of the visual motor system that may have become dysfunctional following a concussion.