Arianne Tittley


Arianne, originally from Québec, moved to British-Columbia 7 years ago initially to fulfill her need for adventure.

Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge about human anatomy and physiology brought her to pursue therapeutic training in manual therapy at Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT).

With an interest in chronic conditions, post surgery, scar/scar tissue and rehabilitation she thrives for helping people finding balance in their body. She is a strong believer in the human body’s ability to heal and its fundamental desire to be well. Arianne is passionate about empowering her patients’ in their own recovery by bringing posture awareness, addressing biomechanical dysfunction, myofascial restriction and nerve entrapment in conjunction with therapeutic exercise and hydrotherapy. By using techniques such as fascial release, neuromuscular therapy, joint mobilization, muscle energy technique and swedish massage Arianne will work in concert with her patient to find the appropriate approach for them.


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