Anita D’Onghia


Anita D’Onghia is a dedicated loving individual who sees beauty in everything that surrounds her.  Over the past decade she has spent most of her time learning about the human body and how it is all related to many different spectrums of health and healing.  She studied Human Kinetics extensively at the University of Ottawa and graduated with an honors degree in a Bachelor of Science.  She continued her venture with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she graduated as a registered holistic nutritionist.  Within those years she grew a greater understanding of the bodies chemistry on a cellular level and the connection it has with all of its’ systems. Anita found herself using such information to analyze the holistic avenues and connect it with her studies. Through this new found knowledge she has been able to understand and conceptualize holistic modalities to a deeper level.  Anita has expanded her awareness with MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy and has become a practicing Registered Massage Therapist.  As a massage therapist her goal is to work closely with the tissue, releasing areas of tension to help rebalance the skeletal structure. Anita’s philosophy with treatment is to treat each client individually tapering each session to the clients needs and goals.


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