Work Injuries

At Back in Action we accept Worksafe BC claims and offer the injured worker a comprehensive program. We provide the best in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation to get you back to work and play quickly. Click on the links to the left to get information on caring for your back, avoiding injuries by using correct lifting techniqes and tips on setting up desks for good ergonomic posture.

Work related Injuries AND WORKSAFE BC CLAIMS.

To get started on a claim with WCB or WorkSafeBC. Visit

1) Report your injury to your employer or first aid attendant immediately. Your employer needs to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

2) Visit your family doctor and tell them that your injury is work related. Your doctor needs to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

3) You will receive paperwork from WCB or WorkSafeBC in the mail within several days. If you do not, call WorkSafeBC to check the status of the claim. 604.231.8888

4) If you need Physiotherapy to rehabilitate your injury our Physical Therapists at Back in Action Physiotherapy Whistler can help you get back in action.