Real Time UltraSound

Real-time Ultrasound : Imaging and retraining

This is similar to the machines used to see babies in the womb. At Back in Action physio we now have a state of the art new machine!

Ultrasound retraining can be very helpful in retraining your core stability for lower back problems and poor core control. It is also useful to retrain hip control and pelvic floor control among other applications.

Considering the task of retraining muscles with core stability exercises; being able to feel that the correct muscle is working is very important. Transverse abdominus (TA ) for example; is a deep muscle surrounded by 2 larger muscles and many of our patients tell us they find it difficult to tell whether they are switching it on or not. Sometimes the outer muscles (obliques and rectus abdominus) are working instead. The visual feedback of seeing these muscles work is an excellent way to help our patients get the right muscles working.

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Our Physiotherapists at Back in Action Physio are now conducting real time ultrasound examinations.

Real time is helpful in the follwoing conditions:

Dynamic core control for sports and athletic performance.

Core control for back pain and sciatica.

Women’s health problems (incontinence, pelvic pain, etc)

Control of hip muscles for optimal posture and hip problems.