At Back in Action Physio Whistler; our physiotherapists can provide custom prescription foot orthoses (“orthotics”). Orthotics are medical devices which are custom made from a mould of your feet or prefabricated EVA foam, unlike shoe inserts bought over the counter or footbeds made for ski boots which are for comfort and fit but are not corrective (ie they will not correct foot problems).

The orthotic works to adjust and control the function of the foot and it’s alignment with the lower leg. Orthotics can help to treat a number of musculoskeletal conditions relating to the feet such as heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciopathy, achilles tendon problems, painful toes or pain experienced with walking or running.

Some orthotics are designed to redistribute pressures on the bottom of your foot to alleviate pain from corns, calluses and bony prominences. Orthotics are durable inserts which can be designed to fit in ski or snowboard boots, athletic shoes, sandals, dress shoes, and/or skates, We also have custom orthotic sandals, including golf sandals.

At ‘Back in Action’ our Physical Therapists are trained in analysis of foot conditions and casting/fitting for custom orthotics. We use Paris Orthotics laboritories (Vancouver) and Vasyli Medical to make the devices.

Orthotics are usually covered by extended health plans with a referral from your Physician

NEW: Cycling Specific Orthotics

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