Stretching and Foam Rolling

The post snow recovery strategies were developed to help you with flexibility and general recovery following activity optimising performance and reducing injury risk

A common side effect following activity is stiffness in the working muscle and joints due to activity related tissue stress and waste accumulation in working tissues. This can lead to stiffness and sub optimal tissue performance and if unchecked can silently accumulate often eventually leading to injury. This, however, can be easily countered by a few minutes of cool down (aerobic), stretching and foam rolling after activity

All stretches and foam roller exercises should aim to be relieving or at worst uncomfortable but not unbearable. If you feel pain with any of the exercises discontinue and seek advice from your health care practitioner.

The stretch and foam roller series is best done after activity or when your body is warm to optimise effect.

Stretch 1

Stretch 2

Stretch 3

Foam Roller