Our Massage Therapists

Brenley Nella

As a recent graduate from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, Brenley has always had a keen interest in health care and pain management. After competing on the Ontario Ski Team for 3 years, Brenley later moved to BC to complete her Bachelor of Human Kinetics at UBC. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, combined with the experience as a competitive athlete for many years is reflected in her approach to massage therapy.

Brenley believes treatments can break down pain-cycles to allow a natural healing process for many types of soft tissue problems. She spends time examining postural dysfunctions and areas of pain before creating a unique treatment plan to benefit the patients both short and long-term goals. A variety of techniques will be used during the treatment including myofascial release, trigger point therapy and joint mobilizations, combined with Swedish massage techniques. She will work with the patients’ breath in order to facilitate muscular tension and will send you home with personalized stretches and strengthening tips, specific to areas worked during the treatment.

Her interests include treating sport related injuries, neurological conditions, repetitive stress injuries, postural dysfunctions and headache pain management.

Much like the Whistler community, Brenley is an outdoor enthusiast and on her spare time you will find her on the slopes, enjoying good food with friends, or catching some live music. Her goal is to work with clients to assist and enhance their active lifestyle in order to live pain-free and happy!